www.JeffGroves.com - Welcome to Jeff Groves Photography Jeff Groves Photography: Jeff Groves is a portrait, freelance and artistic photographer in Charlotte, N.C. : Photo Keywords : charleston fasion week  : <font size=5 face="helvetica">Mary Porter, Designer</font><br> <a href="http://www.maryportercouture.com" target="blank">maryportercouture.com</a> <br>Mary Porter is an award-winning designer and owns Mary Porter House of Couture in Charleston, SC, "where women can have the design of their dreams created and fitted just for them." <br><br>"FABULOUS pictures Jeff you took of my "Mary Porter" runway show at Charleston Fashion Week....and of ALL the pictures you took. Thanks for sharing your talent!!!!"

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A note about the photographer: As a native to Charlotte, N.C., Jeff Groves is a photographer who has also put his heart in “finding beauty in where we live”.
Jeff was drawn to the beauty of every city his visits but loves calling Charlotte home.
Take a moment to visit Jeff Groves Photography and share in the appreciation caught in a moment and found in our own backyard
and remember that sometimes we take what we see everyday for granted.
Jeff Groves will continue to pursue that “perfect picture” (even though there’s no such thing) and will do his best to enjoy the journey along the way.
In addition to portrait, wedding, freelance and artistic photography, Jeff Groves is an experienced sports and special events photographer.